What's on my desk?

We have launched a brand new night at Empire in the cross thursday nights!!

Come down and enjoy a trashy night with great people and great music.

Attached is the video from our first night… you can see me in the background white X$ tshirt 🙂

The Captain 😉



Wanted to share with my many readers the first in a series of new exciting experiments from Smirnoff called Light vs. Sound.

Smirnoff challenged a collective of creative talent to subvert an ordinary situation – and create an extraordinary experience. A one off lighting installation was created and two electronic music artists were invited to compose live music using the freeform patterns of the lights as inspiration.

Check out the end result, looks pretty amazing.

Dale from Smirnoff

p.s. the post before with the embedded code was my testing for the above video 🙂

Long time no post 🙂

Testing out YouTube code embedding.

There’s not much really new on my desk besides an old iced coffee cup that looks like a normal coffee cup but with a straw comming out of it.

Note to self: buy something cool for desk.

Anyway heres the code test:

Edit: Score… so complicated…………… not really

Edit2: Technically, it is on my desk, for the brief period it plays out of the speakers.

“juice shot”

juice shot!

Vitalise & Stimulate

apple – gojii berry- acai – omega 6+9 – orange

No preservatives

Tastes quite good. At 50 cents a pop im sold… till i get sick of them.

Welcome the newest member to the world that is my desk. 


Hail the King of Gnomes… Gnomo.

Gnomo, The King of Gnomes


He comes to us with a wealth of experience in garden warefare, weed combat, and pretty flower growing. We welcome him as a valued member to the team, and look forward to a bright future, with a safer and well groomed desk.


On a sad note, the Land of the Desk’s neighbour Shirin, (whom Gnomo was referred by) is sadly leaving to go back to the land of the UK.


She will certainly be missed, and has brought great knowledge, friendship and fun to our humble land.


From all of us at Desk Land, we wish you all the best!



P.S. We have an alien guard that sits opposite.


I found out interestingly enough, that if you cut a plant, and put it in soil, it wont grow.

Funny the things you learn.

In the quest to buy a growing plant for them I ended up with some buckets, some rocks, and some cut roses. Needless to say I failed in that task. I have now taken a liking to the idea, and my new plant sits proudly on my desk….

My first desk plant

…sadly since its first batch, it has not yet yielded a second round of tasty treats……


Also to be noted is that I usually only chew gum, and they stopped making the one I like, which was Extra. I went down the path of trying out mints, but its not as fun coz I just chew them up in 2 seconds each and end up eating the whole box.